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Your individualized cinema, enjoy vivid 3D video
Suitable for normal smart phone smaller than 6 inches,break through the limit of screen,make your phone become a 3D cinema immediately.

Ergonomic design, feel comfortable
Ergonomic wraparound headband design, less tension pressure, preventing glasses from falling.
Soft high elastic fabric offers less stress, less pressure, more wearing comfort.

Ingenious lighter weight design
The weight of this product is only 345g, so it is convenient to carry and not too much pressure.

Selected high quality materials
It is made from ABS which is the thermoplastic high polymer material with high strength and better toughness.
The eye patch is made from food grade silicone, skin-friendly and safe, which provides you soft touch feeling and 100% comfort.

Meticulous design for users
Suitable for myopia between 0~600 degrees, the user can watch with naked eyes.
Focal length and pupil distance are adjustable, which effectively reduce the vertigo that improper focusing caused.
Imported high transparency anti-blue light lenses, reduce hard light, anti-radiation, in order to protect your eyes.

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