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A Bluetooth Sunglasses With Voice Control Function

Bluetooth phone call

After connect Bluetooth of phone, support phone call, stereo music, navigation, and rad, etc.

  • Use Bluetooth V4.0, which is one of Bluetooth version with widely use and high stable, The efficient distance between K3 and the connected device (like mobile phone)is up to 10M.
  • Superior quality imported Bluetooth chip, afford outstanding radio quality, make user enjoy clear voice in a noisy environment, ensure the clarity of phone call and music.

Siri Voice Control

Convenient and quick, simple operation

  • When use K3, open siri voice control function, operate phone call, message, music play, alarm setting, information searching and other function by voice
  • Phone call,such as”call Michael”, the phone will call automatically, no need to check contacts list
  • Message,such as”send a message to Michael”, voice will remind the message content, just operate according to voice reminder
  • Music, such as “play jingle bells”, player will operate and play the music you want.
  • Alarm, such as: “ have a meeting after 10 minutes”, mobile phone will record, and remind you meeting after 10 minutes.
  • It also has function of information search and calculator.

Listen to music

High quality headphones, enjoy pleasant music

  • Single and dual-channel (optional) earphones meet the needs of different scenarios; 6μ super thin diaphragm, improve sound clarity and excellent sound quality;
    DSP audio processing technology to improve the sound resolution, reducing stethoscope effect; in-ear headphone brings you Hi-Fi music.

Resist glare

High quality polarized lenses protect your eyes carefully

  • TAC polarized lenses, effectively prevent UV light, reduce glare, filter stray light; Durable lenses can resist rain and sand as well

Classic and fashionable frames

I am sure you will be the most special one.

  • Perfect slender lines and popular color combined;
  • The design accords with ergonomic, perfectly fit your face;
  • Total weight only 24g, light weight is suitable for long wearing without fatigue;
  • A variety of colorful lens are optional;


Wearing K3, you can enjoy golfing and work at the same time.


When traveling, wearing K3 to enjoy music freely. Relax your mind.


When fishing, wearing K3 to protect eyes and to see buoys clearly. You won’t be worried about strong sun lights or reflected lights any more.


When driving, wearing K3 can protect your eyes from strong lights, and also you can make phone call, text, listen music freely.


When enjoy outdoor entertainment, wearing K3 to protect eyes from strong sun lights, take phone call, listen music, etc.


When Shopping, wearing K3 not only can protect eyes, it is also a fashion accessory.

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