Gonbes K2
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Voice control glasses! Gonbes K2
Voice Control system ——Voice Control system for Calling, Message sending, music playing, and information checking
When using K2 , link up the phone network and touch the “touch zone”for 2 seconds:

Phone-called, Eg.: ‘calling Sam’, your phone will search Sam’s phone No. automatically and call.
Message sending. Eg.: ‘Message to Sam’, any voice messages can be done according to voice prompt system.
Music playing. Eg.: ‘playing “fighter’, player will be on via voice guide and play any songs you like.
Memo Alarm. Eg.: ‘meeting after 10 mins’, mobile phone will record the time automatically and will remind you of joining the meeting.
Other functions as information checking, calculator and alarm clock included.
Smart touch---smart touch operating mode
Smart control: Capacitance type touch panel, lightly touch the panel with finger to answer/end a call, to change the music on music mode.
Easy operation: For smarter, more speedy, luxurious and fashionable operating.
Bluetooth Call-----connection with phone for call, music , radio and voice navigation.
K2 bluetooth 4.0 version with CSR8635 chip is one of the best compatibility and stable bluetooth; Transmission distance is in the range of 10m to 15m. K2 can make a call, play music, voice navigation, etc.
Music enjoying-----High quality headset for stereo music
K2 with mono and dual detachable headsets on options
Ear buds headphone, individual design, and comfortable wearing, due to the outward line design in 15 degree tilt angle to reduce the clinical effect.
6 microns thin diaphragm for voice clarity enhanced and perfect sounds.
Stereo headphone with features as: bright frequency respond, low distortion, power saving, Strong audio resolution, legible surround sound, exquisite music rhythm. User can enjoy the charming of authentic sound fully when in using.
Highlight Resistance------by high-quality polarized lens to protect eyes from highlight interference.
TAC polarized lenses It is the essential for long-time driving. The lenses allow the light throughout from a particular direction. Everything turns to be darker when wearing it because of the filter function. It can weaken the dazzling sunlight, help driver and cycling rider escape from the headlights, and help fisherman see the water float clearly when fishing. It can prevent dazzling, keep natural color lasting, visual clarity and relieve visual fatigue. It is a good tool for car owners and finishing men.
Comfort level adjustment----- with adjustable nose pads and interchangeable lens for most comfortable wearing.
Adjustable nose pads The adjustable nose pads is made of galvanized cooper and silica gel, which is anti-slip and anti-sweat for longer To adjust both sides of the nose pads to fit different nose.Interchangeable lens Thanks to frame structure, to change the lens depending on users’ flavor.
Driving By voice control, wearing K2 for information checking, message texting, music playing, Anti-UV when driving.
Cycling——By K2, keep away from highlight inference, checking information, sending message, listening navigation, making a phone-call, enjoy music when cycling.
Travelling——Bring your journey more fun and convenience because of K2, to listen music and make a call by handsfree operation.
Golfing——When golfing, K2 makes you cool and keeps you away from dazzling light, to make a call and enjoy music by smart touch.
Fishing——K2 makes fishermen see the float clearly and brings fishing more fun.
Climbing——Because of K2, user can check the weather and others information more easily.
Outdoor walking——When outdoor walking, wear K2 for music and eyes’ protection.

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Simple but atmospheric
Smooth curves
K2 streamline curves improved from K1 rough appearance, with advanced painting process, K2 is more exquisite in craft and speedy
Exquisite craft and Lightweight
Lightweight upgraded brings great challenges to glasses design , we work fully to overcome all difficulties and finally maximizing use the frame limited parts to 30g
Details oriented
we pay more attention on K2 details, adjustable nose pads design to improve the comfort wearing , the leg tail skid embossing design to enhance the wearing stability , we concern on all.
Colorful & individuality
Color is the essence of life , individuality leading a colorful life. We keep the removable lens structure as k1 to replace lenses freely .K2 is not only a technical product, but also the object to show your personality.

Model: K2 Item name:  Smart glasses
Bluetooth spec. Parameter:  V2.1/V3.0/V4.0+EDR, Stereo music player+ Cvc denoise Frequency:   2.4CHz
Bluetooth chip:  CSR8635 Transfer grade:  lossless transmission
Bluetooth mode: Headset, Hands-free A2DP Transfer distance: 10m-12m
Music time: 3-4hrs Holding time: 3-4hrs
Charge voltage: 5V Charge time:  1hr
Net weight: 30g  
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