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In 2008, Gonbes founded and began with video converters.
In 2009, Wireless high-definition transmission products have been launched and occupied almost 70% market share over the country. Starting to research on 3D displayer since Dec. 2009.
In 2010, 3D displayer of first generation, 3D TV glasses & 3D stereo glasses launched and accessed to market. Then Gonbes launched universal 3D glasses which gained the annual award universal of special product.
In 2011, Gonbes 3D glasses successfully accessed to Japan, cooperating with local company “Sanwa”. Gonbes won the award of “industry first brand” and “excellent supplier in Made-in-China.com”.
In 2012, ‘Gonbes’ obtained the award of “annual consumer preferred brand”.
In 2013, new design on 3D glasses to stabilize the market .Starting to research on smart glasses.
In 2014,Gonbes has first generation of smart glasses K1 and improved K2 launched and entered the smart wearable industry of the global market.
In future, Gonbes will realize globalization, aiming in individualization design strategy and global first-rate services for the growing demands in worldwide market.